Changelog: UsableMath Spring 2024 Updates

Changelog: UsableMath Spring 2024 Updates

Latest pedagogical, cosmetic and utility changes to math modules.


Release Date:
Currently testing on Decimals module. Release to all modules by end of March, 2024.

Summary of Changes:
The latest upgrade comes to our UsableMath modules' introduction slides. This version brings a host of improvements and new features, building upon the strong foundation laid by the initial release. We've purpose-designed the welcome slide to make math learning even more engaging and accessible for young learners.

Old version:

New version:

Version 2 ushers in a new era of interactive learning with the introduction of an enhanced intro slide. This slide, crafted with kid-friendly language and appealing HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) elements, serves as a warm and inviting gateway into the world of mathematics for our young users.

Key advancements include:

  • New Intro Slide: A welcoming start to the learning journey with language tailored to young minds.

  • Audio Embeds: Each module now features audio introductions in English, with a friendly coach guiding the learners through their math journey. Users can now click on speaker icon on top of each math coach to listen to character introductions.

These enhancements are not just cosmetic; they represent significant strides in pedagogical effectiveness and user experience. With the new version, we're not only teaching math; we're fostering a love for learning and discovery in our students.

Area of Focus:

  • LT/HCI/UI: Continued evolution of a child-friendly layout, now with immersive audio and interactive elements to further engage young learners and enhance comprehension.

  • MathEd: Additional improvements to language and structure, ensuring that even the most complex concepts are broken down into understandable chunks.

The Usable Math version 2 of the introduction slide is currently in its testing phase, and we are excited to see how these advancements and improvements will enrich the UsableMath experience. Our goal is to roll out these features to all modules, ensuring that every child has access to the most engaging and effective math learning tools available. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and enhance the world of math education!

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